7. Hoist the Sail

Hoist the Sail


Arthur Phillip’s first letter to Lord Sydney.


 “With respect to the natives, it was my determination from my first landing that nothing less than the most absolute necessity should ever make me fire upon them, and tho’ persevering in this resolution has at times been rather difficult, I have hitherto been so fortunate that it never has been necessary.


Mons. La Perouse, while at Botany Bay, was not so fortunate. He was obliged to fire on them, in consequence of which, with the bad behaviour of some of the transports’ boats and some convicts, the natives have lately avoided us, but proper measures are taken to regain their confidence.”



Aboriginal Peoples of the

Sydney Region


Most authorities differ on the location of the Sydney Aboriginal language groups. This map is derived from the following sources:-

‘Pemulwuy.The Rainbow Warrior’ by Eric Willmot; ‘Aboriginal People and their Culture, North of Sydney Harbour’ – Met Nth NSW Department of School Education; ‘When the Sky Fell Down’ by Keith Willey.



Hoist the Sail

So its hoist the sail once more

And bring the camp from Botany Bay

Off the swampy shore

Port Jackson is the better way

We’ll be cuttin’ and we’ll be  clearin’ and

They’ll be living free

From the labour of our bony arms

In the penal colony

Hoist the sail once more

Drag your shackles and get off the ground

Or we’ll give you four

And 20 lashes next time ’round!

We’ll be flogged and we’ll be beaten

Just you wait and see

And we’ll all live our dyin’ days

In the penal colony

So it’s hoist the sail once more

(repeat verse one)